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  • Can I pay the membership fee monthly?
    That depends on the membership type. 

    You cannot pay for the Professional Membership or the Student Membership in monthly installments, as much as we’d like to help you. Please bear in mind that just one of our courses would cost you over 1,000 USD if you were to buy it online elsewhere. So, right there, you are literally saving thousands and thousands of dollars. 

    You can, however, pay for Interaction Design Foundation Design League membership in monthly installments. The reason for this is that this membership is more costly than the Professional and Student membership. 

    That's also the reason we list all our membership fees in monthly rates: So that you can compare the cost between membership types – even though two of the membership types are paid yearly.
  • Do you offer a trial membership?
    We don't offer trial memberships, but we do have a 14-day money-back guarantee. Please bear in mind that just one of our courses would cost you over 1,000 USD if you were to buy it online elsewhere. So, right there, you are literally saving thousands and thousands of dollars.

    Another reason we don't have trial memberships is that it attracts too many people who are just "looking around". Our community is very much about helping each other and connecting professionally so it would simply create too much "noise" to have people come and go.
  • I missed the enrollment, and now the course is closed. What can I do?

    Don't worry if you missed the course. We will re-run it shortly. One of the reasons we continually open and close courses is in order to control the classroom size.

    Networking is a large part of our value proposition, so we want just the right number of people inside the courses. That is also why we display the "XX % percent booked" on our course icons.

    We’ll therefore re-schedule the course and make it available for sign-up on /courses in about a week. The actual start date of the course will be a few weeks after sign-ups begin, too. We’ve found that this is the best way to maximize flexibility and convenience for everyone, especially you as you put your own course program together.

  • Do I have to be online at an exact time to study?

    No. You can set your own study schedule. There are no "live sessions" or "webinars" since our members are from all timezones around the world. We are a truly global community – with members in every single corner of the world.

    Thus, once you are enrolled, you can take all the time you want to complete a given course. Every "classroom" in each course will never close, so you’ll have permanent access to your classmates and your course material (as well as your own answers).

  • What is the difference between a Professional and a Student membership?
    To qualify for Interaction Design Foundation Student membership, you need to be a full-time student at a school, college or university. As a student member, you'll receive the very same benefits as you would with a Professional membership - except for 2 things:
    • You will appear as a "student" to the other Interaction Design Foundation members. In other words, if you want to use your membership to network and get a job, then you should probably go for the Professional membership.
    • You can take a maximum of two courses at any given time with Student membership. You can still take all the courses you want during your membership period, with no extra charges – just as long as you finish them (or drop them) so that you don’t have more than three courses going on at the same time.
  • Can I take all of your courses at no extra costs?

    That's correct. Once you have paid for your membership, you can take as many of our instructor-led courses as you would like. And this is at no additional cost. No hidden fees—just pure learning and networking.

    We’re a community and not a money machine. And, yeah, we hate hidden fees just as much as you do!

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  • Will I receive a Course Certificate?

    Yes. You will get a digital industry-recognized Course Certificate every time you complete a course. Certificates never expire and can be saved as a .jpg file so that you can easily share your accomplishment. In addition, certificates can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn directly from our site.

    Also, there is no limit to how many Course Certificates you can earn during your membership. We will also make sure you receive a 3-step guide on how to include your Course Certificate on LinkedIn and in your résumé/CV.

    You can see an example of a Course Certificate at the bottom of the Course Catalogue.

  • Can I take more than one course at a time?
    Yes, you can take as many courses as you would like. For example, if there are 30 active courses, you can enroll in all 30 courses at the same time and move from one to the other as you please.

    There are no further charges once you have paid for your membership.

    Please note: If you have a student membership, you can take a maximum of two courses at the same time. As a student, you can thus still take as many courses as you would like – free of extra charges – just as long as you finish them (or drop them) so that you don’t have more than two ongoing courses at the same time. Please note that if you drop a course, progress is not transferable between cycles. So, you'll have to redo the lessons and answers you already completed in the current cycle. 

  • Which Credit or Debit card can I use to pay?
    We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards — both debit cards and credit cards. In addition, you should be able to use your debit and credit card to pay the membership fee using PayPal checkout (even without having a PayPal account). 

    Is your card getting declined?

    Possible reasons
    1. The Interaction Design Foundation is registered in Denmark, and that could make the transaction appear as an "overseas charge". That could cause your bank's security system to block the transaction.
    2. Your account is lacking sufficient funds.
    3. There is a temporary technical problem between your bank and the payment gateway.
    Possible ways of fixing it
    1. Try with another credit card
    2. Simply go through the process again but choose PayPal as the payment method. You do NOT have to have or create a Paypal account — you can simply let Paypal process your credit card and that will likely solve the problem.
    3. Call your bank to hear if the "overseas charge" has triggered a security system and blocked the transaction.
    Go ahead and try again:

  • Can you send me an invoice and may I pay by wire transfer?

    Please contact our member support at and they will provide all the information you need to do a wire transfer to our account in Denmark.

  • My company wants to buy me a membership; should I choose a company membership?

    If you want to take courses just for yourself, then you’ll need an individual/professional membership, not a company membership. Company memberships are only for groups of people within the same company.

  • Are your courses only offered online?
    While the course material is 100% online and self-paced, there are many ways in which the Interaction Design Foundation's źŲƱApp design training can be applied on-ground too. For example, we offer group exercises inside each of our courses where you can learn from, and with, your peers. 

    Furthermore, through our bustling discussion forums, members can connect with a global community of design practitioners who will help you understand content as well as help tackle your own business problems. You will also be invited to join regular local meet-ups in more than 450 cities, and you can choose to host one too! 
  • Do you provide mostly beginners' or more advanced courses?
    We provide courses for all levels of mastery and across the full spectrum. If you’re new to design, you can start from our beginner courses and progress all the way up to our advanced ones. If you’re an established designer, on the other hand, you will find some of our lower-level courses provide a good refresher—and the advanced ones, a bit of a challenge. 
  • Who are the intended users for your courses?
    Our courses are designed with many different users in mind—from a źŲƱApp Designer who is starting out in his/her first job, to a more senior designer who wants to specialize. There are plenty of offers to choose from in a wide array of areas. Additionally, our courses offer something for practically anyone—from a Sales Rep, to a Marketing Manager. Design education can be applied and become beneficial to all roles within a company.
  • How long does it take to complete a course?

    You will need approximately 5-8 hours to complete one lesson. Each course has between 3 and 16 lessons.

    Once enrolled in a course, you will gain access to a new lesson each week, which you are free to complete without any deadlines and no end date, either.

  • Your courses are online, so how will I connect with members?
    At the Interaction Design Foundation, you can find thousands of helpful designers in our global community. Discuss your problems in our forums to get valuable input from other designers, or head to an Interaction Design Foundation meet-up to have an in-depth conversation with designers nearby. With Interaction Design Foundation Local Groups in every city, you and your team can connect with źŲƱApp professionals near you and gain fresh perspectives on your problems.
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